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Ipad comparison

Good Photo Tips

D7000 U-tube links

Download LR5 Trial Version in Dec 2013 during holidays for testing


Nikon Manual                                            - up to page 239 (23/10/2013)            New Start – up to page 65 (29/10/2013)

Flash Manual                                              - up to page C-7

EBook – Flash Free Photography         - up to page




My Zenfolio site

Album Security: Open Album > Tool Box > Access Control > Edit > Public, Private or Locked

Visitor Gallery Hermes: Open Album > Show Visitor View > Customise > Theme (uncheck default) > Hermes Preset > Apply > Publish

Visitor Gallery Full Page:  Open Album > Show Visitor View > Customise > Options > (uncheck default) > Page Elements > Pagination > Hide > Publish

Visitor Sign in: Gallery or All Photos in Edit View > In Toolbox > Visitor Sign > Edit > Uncheck "Same as Containing group > adjust other option > save

Portfolio: Customize Visitor View > Site Menu > Click Edit nest to Portfolio items > then select a gallery or page for it to point to

Buy Button Disable: Gallery or All Photos in Edit View > In Toolbox > Click Edit in the "Print Order Section" > Select "Do not allow print.." > save

Allow Download: Gallery or All Photos in Edit View > In Toolbox > Access Control > Photo Protection > "Do not allow downloading"




Nikon Tethering Ap (Free)

Nikon store in Aus

D7000 Everything Tips website

ViewNX2 Manual dl

Nikon Product Manuals for download

Nikon D7100 official site

Nikon D7100

Nikon DSLR Comparisons

Lens Focal Length Comparison

Nikon SB-700 manual

Nikon D7100 Manual's-manual---nikon-d7100

Firmware for D7000 What firmware version do you have now? You should have A 1.03/B 1.04. If you don't, go to:,-b-1.04

Nikon Shutter Count

Good Camera Lens  Website for Lens Specs (only website you will ever need to understand lens)

Nikon Learn



Xume adaptors for filters

Sensor Cleaning

Choosing the Right Lens for the shot

Sigma Lenses on DWI international Price List

Nikon Lenses on DWI international Price List

Choosing your first lens

Lens Reviews

Rubber Lens Hood

Tool that compares the lenses sharpness. Roll your mouse over the little arrow at the top to see the difference...there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in the lenses as far as I can see.&&&&&&&&



Using Slaves Nikon

Using Slaves

Mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital

Flash comparisons Metz vs. Nikon

Flash Diffusers (home made)



PSE11 (when doing a search use the word "Why" instead of "How"

PSE11 Out of Oubound Tutorial

PSE11 Start to Finish Adobe TV Module (free)

PSE12 Whats New

PSE11 Hints & Tips

Pse11 Removing back grounds &&


PSE11 Watermarking

PSE11 Help and Tutorials ...
PSE11 Vignette



Lightroom 5

78 page PDF download Quick start Lightroom 5

LR5 free 30 day trial download

Removing Shadows from pix
Four Favorite Adobe Lightroom 5 Features
Advanced Healing Brush
50 Shades of Black

LR5 Tutorials


LR5 Getting Started


Photo Editing

UMark for Watermarking

Software for Removing Noise from Photos

Icon Creator (Max size 1mb)

Icon – Make from Image Windows 7

Picasa Help

Currency Notes

Joint Photos

Card Recovery Program Flick across the main advert until it says Data Recovery or something similar and then download the 1st program (of 3). When that is installed follow the instructions and check the whole card, not the sub-folders! Another great software is

Card data recovery use




Processing Photos

On-Line Photo Editing Websites

Watermarking - securing your photos

Resize a small photo to very big

Photography courses

Photography techniques

Googling how to do HDR in photoshop elements you tube

SyncToy is a free PC back up program

TPE for Desktop The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Mosaic Montage

Image Resizeing

Control My Nikon (from a computer)

Calendar Templates

CamRanger $299 (Wireless Tethering)




UHH Post Processing Index

UHH Post Processing site

Macro Photography

Free Photography Tutorials





Other Handy Websites

Wedding Photos Checklist of what shots to take

GOA 35th Coral Dance 2012


Stolen Camera (find my camera)

Memory Card Calculator

Cheap Canvas Prints

Time Lapse Photography


Wedding Photography U-Tube guide


Bosch 4 Button Remotes for Alarm $59ea vs. $94 from iSecure

Convert inches to cm (vice-versa) calculator

Aus Post

Key Board Symbols

Vivid Sydney Lights

For Eneloops Batteries ....  $24 for 4pk, $40 for 8pk @ Battery World

Quote of the Day

IPhone Sale $61

Photography courses

Pandora Recovery – download and run to recover lost data on hard drive



There are many sites which offer free (and for purchasing) textures. You download the texture images and save them somewhere on your computer. To use them:
1. Open both your image and the texture image.
2. Go to Window>Images>Tile. This command will display both images side by side in the workspace.
3. Use the Move Tool to drag the texture over your image.
4. If the texture image is larger or smaller than your image, use Free Transform (Ctrl-T, Mac = Command-T) to resize it accordingly.
5. Go to the Layers panel and change the texture layer blending mode from Normal to Multiply, Overlay, or Soft Light. Experiment with other layer blending modes and also with the Opacity.
6. If you don't want your whole image to be textured, use a layer mask to hide some of the texture effect.
Here are some sites to get textures from:>