Popsy Pereira(non-registered)
Well and how could I miss the most important statement in your performance as a "Great Professional" Truly professional!! Thanks again.
Popsy Pereira(non-registered)
Hi Aaron I sincerely enjoyed your opening slide show on your website and I also sincerely appreciate your great passion for photography that I personally experienced on our Holy Land Trip together! Keep up the great work and continue to bless the world with your skills and talent! Awesome! Excellent! Passionate! and Humble in Service! are a few words that come to mind seeing your work and having personally experienced your perseverance and desire to capture the best moments in time!
Aaron Braganza Photography
Message from Agnes D'Souza

Take a bow Aaron without your hard work and efforts none of our events would have been publicized and noticed all over the world. we are truly blessed with such a professional and efficient individual (Aaron)

Aaron Braganza Photography
Message from Alwyn Henriques - President GOA NSW 2017

Aaron has been a game changer for our Marketing & Publicity efforts. He is on his feet during each event for 6 hours and then goes back home is awake until 4am screening through the 1500 photos he clicked at each event, shortlists them to 300 and then posts them along with any videos on our webpage before we wake up the next morning. These FB posts with the event photos then go viral all over sydney, Austrlia and worldwide. We are fortunate to have him and many talented inviduals in this excom who are contributing and focused on providing value to our member base.

Anil Chadha(non-registered)
Dear Aaron

The photos are beautiful. They are superb. Shows your talent!

I hope to see the beautiful and more photos next year

Happy New Year 2017

Anil Chadha
Hi Aaron,
Awesome photos. I didn't go to see the fireworks but I didn't miss a thing after seeing your exceedingly good pictures.

Good experiment with ISO settings. You are a good craftsman with your camera.

Best wishes for the New Year

Hi Aaron!!!...Amazing photos!!! They make me feel I want to see this paradise for real nooooooow!!!!!!! :):)
Really great!!! (hope that it is not all because of the photoshop) ;)
Thank you for this invitation & sharing!!
mary anne(non-registered)
Fantastic photos! Makes me relive a wonderful visit to Sydney in 2011.
Thanks for sharing.
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